Hello and Welcome to my site!

My name is Yvonne Hicks, I am a German native, who has been living in the US for 10 years.
I have spent the past years training to become a barefoot practitioner in Germany and just recently graduated from the E.L.P.O.  (Equine Lameness Prevention Organization) farrier school, to even further my education and to be able to offer every possible way and form of hoof care and protection.

My hoof care journey started early in my life. I always wanted to be a farrier, but being a girl in the 90’s in rural Germany,  made it impossible for me to obtain a chance to get an apprenticeship. I put this dream to rest and started a career in Science, which eventually led me to the US.  After I arrived in the US with my horse, I found myself in the position of not having a good trimmer/farrier at hand, due to them having full schedules or being too far away from me. After changing locations I met some very inspirational trimmers and farriers that shared a lot of their experience with me and showed me that there is so much more to a good and healthy hoof than I previously expected. During my training, I realized that my training and “day job” as Researcher comes in pretty handy.
There is so much amazing research being done regarding the equine foot and being employed in the scientific field makes it possible to me to always obtain the newest research articles and publications, which led me to join the E.L.P.O. – the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization.

After joining the E.L.P.O. and attending a barefoot clinic hosted at their headquarters in Penrose, CO, it became clear to me that there is even more to learn than I thought and 2 months after attending the clinic I started farrier school there. I graduated from the farrier program in September 2018 and while hoof care is a life long learning experience, I feel confident that I have been given the best possible start to a successful life in that field.

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Courses and classes and continuous education:

  • Donkey Handling, Psychology and Trimming Seminar with the PHCP -Jan 2020
  • Arthritis and other Lameness – 10-week class – September to November 2019
  • May 2019 – gave a talk about Composites and glue on options for the Oregon Farriers Association
  • April 2019 Farrier and Forging Course at the ELPO farrier school
  • Graduated from the E.L.P.O. Farrier school September 2018
  • Hoof Distortion Seminar with Paige Poss June 2018
  • Clinic with Pete Ramey in Bend OR in May 2018
  • E.L.P.O. Barefoot Trimming Skills Course April 2018
  • NRC Plus Equine Nutrition Course  (http://www.drkellon.com/coursedescriptions/nrcplus.html) September to November 2017
  • ECIR NoLaminitis! Conference October 27-29 2017 in Tuscon, Arizona


  • Hands on Training and education at “Hufe auf Trab” in Hessen, Germany from march 2016 until October 2017 (each course is a 2 day class, with lectures all day Saturday and Hands on training Sunday)
  • March 2016 Anatomy and Evolution of the horse and the horse’s hoof
  • April 2016 The perfect hoof and horse and abbreviations from the ideal and how and what can be fixed?
  • May 2016 Difficult hooves – what causes them, how do they affect the horse and how can we fix them. What are the limits of being able to do so.
  • June 2016 Hoof diseases – Presentation about gait anomalies and their effect on the healthy hoof
  • October 2016  “Trimming Theories” – a comparison of all the different trimming theories from Strasser to NHC – presented by certified practitioners of each of those schools
  • November 2016 Composite shoes, hoof boots and glue on solutions, including a 1 day Vettec seminar presented by Vettec
  • December 2016 The trim of Donkey and bovine, porcine and hircine feet
  • January 2017 The basics of running a trimming business
  • February 2017 Successful collaborations with other equine professionals – the legal and animal welfare aspects of running an equine business
  • March 2017 Anatomy of the equine
  • April 2017 The perfect hoof and horse and abbreviations from the ideal and how and what can be fixed?
  • May 2017 Hoof distortions and how to fix them
  • June 2017 The diseases of the equine foot – Presentation about Canker
  • July 2017 “Whole-istic” evaluation of the horse – the WHOLE horse matters
  • August 2017 “How does nutrition and the horse’s environment affect the hoof”
  • September 2017 Working with Physiotherapists and Equine Dentists – the effects of proper physical care in regard to the equine foot



Member of E.L.P.O. (Equine Lameness Prevention Organization)

Member of the American Association of Professional Farriers

Member of the Oregon Farrier’s Association

Unplaced member of the PHCP (Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners)