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Below I will show you a few services I offer:

Barefoot Trims

My career as Hoof Care Specialist started as Barefoot Trimmer – I went to school for Trimming for 2 years while living in Germany.  Before that I trimmed my horse for around 5 years, because, periodically it was impossible to have the farrier/trimmer, that did satisfy my expectations, to come out to our place for one single horse.

My goal is, to create a balanced foot for each individual horse following that horse’s needs, environment and anatomical uniqueness.

Barefoot 1 .jpg

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Composite shoes

The application and use of composite shoes – glued on and nailed – is one of my passions in hoof care. I enjoy working with different styles of composite shoes and carry a wide range of different styles and materials to adress every horse’s and owner’s individual needs.
I often apply composites for therapeutic reasons, especially in laminitic and foundered horses and horses with Navicular issues.
These shoes are an ideal bridge between barefoot and shod – offerening the protection of a steel shoe, while being flexible.

composite 1.jpg

composite 2.jpg

Composite Shoe Styles I currently use:
See the slideshow for the different styles!

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Hoof Boots:

I carry a limited selection of hoof boots for temporary hoof protection.
If I don’t have a model at hand, I will make sure it will get to you as fast as possible.
I always carry hoof boots for Miniatures, because it is so hard to find proper hoof protection for them.

(Images owned by Easy Care and Cavallo)

Steel or Aluminum Shoes:

While alternative protection is my niche and passion, I also carry a smaller selection of steel and aluminum shoes and will shoe a horse if necessary.

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