Being an E.L.P.O. trained Hoof Care Professional, I adhere to their mission values and their Code of Conduct.
Coming from a scientific background which is build on similar guidelines, it is easy for to wholeheartedly agree with the Mission Statement and Code Conduct of the E.L.P.O. .

Here are an excerpt from the E.L.P.O. website regarding their (and hence my) values:

Source: ELPO Mission Values and Code of Conduct

“The Equine Lameness Prevention Organization is a strong advocate for the professional and ethical treatment of horses. A part of the mission of the ELPO and its members is to develop, apply, and maintain guidelines for conduct as professional equine health care providers. These guidelines place the health and well-being of the horse as our main objective, both from a soundness perspective and in the manner in which the horse is treated. Ethical and professional conduct towards one’s peers and cooperation with other horse care professionals are also a priority and highly encourage by the E.L.P.O. membership. By constantly striving to achieve and maintain these standards, we hope to see improvements in both equine soundness and health, as well as success and fulfillment for hoof care professionals everywhere.

E.L.P.O. Member Guidelines for Conduct

One goal of the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization is to help bring the professionalism of trimmers, farriers and other equine professionals to a higher level. We hope that the efforts of each individual member, as well as the E.L.P.O. directors and advisors, will make special efforts to conduct themselves in the manner suggested below. Through the commitment of each individual, the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization will be able to achieve this goal, as well as become an organization that the equine community will look to for support and leadership. Becoming a Certified Member of the E.L.P.O. is certainly a challenge and it has many benefits, however it comes with responsibilities as well. We hope that each E.L.P.O. Member finds value and personal satisfaction by always striving to operate their business with these guidelines for conduct in mind.

As an E.L.P.O. Member & Professional Equine Health Care Provider, my clients can expect that I will:

  • Make horse health, comfort, and welfare my primary concerns.
  • Treat all horses under my care humanely and with respect.
  • Maintain & continue to develop my professional skills & knowledge.
  • Be honest, trustworthy, and will recognize the limits of my professional competency.
  • Always strive to maintain good relationships with my clients, earning their trust, respecting their views, and protecting client confidentiality.
  • Always strive to maintain good relationships with my professional colleagues of all levels.
  • Always strive to respond in a professional & courteous manner to any complaints or criticisms against my work or the work of others.
  • Strive to offer assistance and/or professional consultations for clients & colleagues whenever it is requested of me.
  • Abide by the legal obligations and limitations of my profession.
  • Do my best to represent the E.L.P.O. and my fellow Members with ethical conduct & professionalism of the highest degree.”